[No Tax] Xhorse Audi BCM2 Solder-free Adapter Set add Key and All Key Lost Solution work with VVDI Key Tool Plus/VVDI2+VVDI Prog

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Product Description

Xhorse Audi BCM2 Solder-free Adapter Set add Key and All Key Lost Solution work with VVDI Key Tool Plus/VVDI2+VVDI Prog,no need to connect with VW server
Xhorse BCM2 Audi Solder-free Adapter Set add Key and All Key Lost Solution work with VVDI Key Tool Plus/VVDI2+VVDI Prog


1. No Need To Connect VW Server.
2. Support get BCM2 immo data without original key ID
3. Support exchange BCM2 function in future updates. 
4. Compatible with VVDI Key Too Plus Pad and VVDI2 + VVDI Prog.  (Requires VVDI Prog to read BCM2 data). 
5. No Need Tokens. Free Update Online as other Xhorse tools.
6. Don't need a special key. Use a regular 754J key
on the aftermarket to program. 

Support Vehicle List:

1. 2013-2019 A4L, A5, Q5
(BCM2 version: 0711, 0650, 0641) Support add key and all key lost

2. 2013-2019 A6L, A7, A8
(BCM2 version: 0825, 0824, 0827) Support get BCM2 immo data when all key lost
Add Key All Keys Lost
  Read BCM2 data Synchronize data Read BCM2 data Synchronize data
A4L/A5/Q5 -2013 OBD No OBD/some need remove BCM2 No
A4L/A5/Q5 2013-2019 Xhorse BCM2 Adapter NNo VVDI BCM2 adapter No
A6L/A7/A8 -2013 OBD Obtain from working key OBD/some need remove BCM2 Obtain from third party
A6L/A7/A 2013-2019 OBD Obtain from working key VVDI BCM2 adapter Obtain from third party

Xhorse Audi BCM2
  Solder-free Adapter Set FAQ:

1.  Does BCM2 Adapter support A6L all key lost?
Answer: A6L does not support currently. At present, it only supports A4L, A5, and Q5 all-lost-free data. A6L supports reading BCM2 all key lost. You need to find a third party to get the sync data.

2. Does the adapter work with VVDI2?
Answer: VVDI2 will also upgrade the software to support this function, but reading BCM2 data requires the VVDI PROG.

3. Does it support OBD way for A4L from 2013 to 2018 year?
Answer: No. The 2013-2018 year A4L needs to read BCM2 data through the Audi free soldering adapter, while the A4L before 2013 can obtain BCM2 data by OBD, and no need get data from third party.

4. Can I read BCM2 data directly by wiring?
Answer: The solder-free adapter kit has 6 parts. Its core component is the orange BCM2 adapter. With this adapter, the BCM2 data can be read by soldering wires. In addition, in order to prevent welding damage to the BCM2 ECU,
we strongly recommend that novices choose a solder-free adapter.

5. Is BCM2 easy to disassemble?
Answer: It is convenient, BCM2 is usually hidden behind the protective pad of the car trunk, which is a buckle plastic box. You can take out the BCM2 circuit board by gently prying the buckle.

6. How much does it cost to synchronize data with a third party?
Answer: Because there is currently no third party that specializes in cooperation, you can consult a third party who can provide this service. The specific cost is negotiated between you and the third party.

7. Are there any special restrictions on the keys used?
A: You can use the 754J key currently on the market.

8. With how Xhorse programmer work it? Vvdi key tool plus, VVDI2 or vvdi prog?
Answer: KTP, VVDI Key Tool Plus,VVDI2+vvdi prog (need prog to read BCM2 data)

Package List:

1*Audi BCM2 Solder-free Adapter Set


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